The Illinoying reality: INDGOP economic policies push IN below IL


INDIANAPOLIS – It’s doubtful you’ll see it on an I-80/I-94 Indiana Economic Development Corporation billboard any time soon but Indiana Republicans’ failed education policies have weakened the state’s economy worse than if Indiana’s tax climate mirrored Illinois’.

From the Columbus Republic: Education key to economy; focus shouldn’t shift from college

“As I’ve written before, the educational attainment profile of Indiana’s labor force has now slipped beneath Kentucky’s. This is worse for the state’s economy than if our tax climate had slipped beneath that of Illinois. In terms of improving human capital, this economic recovery has been wasted.”

Indiana Democratic Party Chairman John Zody marveled at how deep a hole a decade plus of failed GOP leadership has dug for Hoosier workers.

“Republicans inherited a growing economy and stiffed Hoosiers by failing to invest in their future,” said Zody. “Now, more than decade later, we’re faced with a grim reality: yesterday may have been brighter than tomorrow. In their arrogance, Indiana Republicans shot the Indiana economy in the foot and didn’t even realize they pulled the trigger.”

Governor Holcomb is currently traveling overseas. 


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