The Indiana GOP’s Scary October Surprise: A Total Implosion


INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Democratic Party, the organization that advocates for the future of Indiana and its families, today wanted to make one thing clear: the Indiana Republican Party had one very scary October. In fact, the 2022 election year’s October Surprise has been the intraparty feuds and overall implosion within the Indiana GOP. 

Diego Morales’s numerous controversies. 

Todd Young flip-flops on his 100% anti-choice record and fills up an invisible car. 

The Indiana Republican Party treats women like second-class citizens – in numerous ways.

The Indiana Republican Party made it clear they are a party of corruption that will put special interests ahead of the state’s future – especially for women and families. 

In contrast, Democrats have blitzed the state and delivered on the important economic issues facing families. Since June 2021, Indiana Democrats have held 160 events in 70 counties focused on issues like infrastructure, broadband, education, agriculture, cannabis, and restoring the freedom to choose. 

Simply put: Democrats are doing the work while the Indiana GOP is in disarray. 

Using their “Results over Rhetoric” theme, here are October’s results by the Indiana GOP:

Diego Morales Accused of Sexual Assault, Indiana GOP Leadership Ignored Warnings from Women 

IndyPolitics, 9.30.2022: Diego’s Me Too Moment

“Two women have accused Republican Secretary of State candidate Diego Morales of groping them and inappropriate sexual contact.”

IndyStar, 9.30.2022: Indiana Republican Party chair knew about sexual assault allegation against Diego Morales

“The chair of the Indiana Republican Party has indicated he knew about a sexual assault allegation against Republican Secretary of State candidate Diego Morales for more than a month before it was published in a gossip column Friday.”

IndyStar, 10.26.2022: Republican woman feels betrayed by GOP over Diego Morales sexual assault allegations

“I wasn’t saying you need to come out against him publicly,” the woman told IndyStar. “I’m just saying, just don’t help him. Don’t actively campaign for him. Don’t go around telling everyone what a great guy he is, because he’s not.”

Diego Morales Outraised by Destiny Wells

IndyStar, 10.17.2022: Democrat Destiny Wells slightly outraises Republican Diego Morales in SOS race

“Wells, on the other hand, has more small donors, collecting more than 1,800 contributions this past quarter, or about 10 times as many as Morales. Wells, on the other hand, has more small donors, collecting more than 1,800 contributions this past quarter, or about 10 times as many as Morales.”

Todd Young Flip-Flops on Abortion, Runs Away from 100% Anti-Choice Record

IBJ, 9.30.2022: Senate race: Young tries to keep focus off abortion ruling that McDermott is trying to exploit

Young also said he isn’t worried that his support of the Supreme Court’s verdict in Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organization will hurt his chances with voters. The anti-abortion politician voted to approve the three Trump-appointed Supreme Court justices and has said the court’s recent decision “corrected a historic injustice.”

IBJ, 10.14.2022: Democratic candidates for statewide office enter campaign commercial fray 

In 2016, Indiana Right to Life published a survey that showed Young indicating that abortion should be illegal in all cases. However, a Young spokesman said the senator also provided an addendum at that time explaining that while he believes life begins at conception, he is “at peace” with certain exceptions being included in an abortion ban.

Todd Young Bombs U.S. Senate Debate

IndyStar, 10.16.2022: Indiana Senate debate: Young defends his record as McDermott goes on the offensive

“But throughout the debate, Young found himself on the defensive on the issue as both Sceniak and McDermott in part blamed him for spending in Washington.”

Todd Rokita Defends Ye’s Antisemitic Comments

WFYI, 10.11.2022: Indiana AG Rokita defends Kanye West after racist, anti-Semitic posts

“Rokita tweeted, ‘The constant hypocrisy from the media is at an all-time high. They have now gone after Kanye for his new fashion line, his independent thinking, & for having opposing thoughts from the norm of Hollywood.’”

Republicans Underfunds Social Programs Despite Promises During Abortion Ban Special Session

CBS4Indy, 10.18.2022: Report details additional costs of Indiana’s near-total abortion ban

“A newly-obtained report from the nonpartisan State Budget Agency reveals the state government could face nearly $60 million more in costs over the next three years. That’s separate from the social services funding approved during the special session.”

INGOP Candidate Supports Nazism in Schools (Again)

IndyStar, 10.21.2022: Zionsville school board candidate says ‘All Nazis weren’t ‘bad” in social media post

“On Monday evening, Dr. Matt Keefer, a candidate running for a seat on the Zionsville Community Schools Board of Trustees, posted a now-deleted comment to Facebook that said, ‘All Nazis weren’t ‘bad,’ as you specify,'”

Todd Young Fills Up Invisible Car in Partisan Stunt on Gas Prices

Indiana Capital Chronicle: U.S. Sen. Todd Young mocked on social media for gas price messaging mishap

 “Young tweeted an after-dark picture of himself on the campaign trail, with one hand wrapped around a gas pump, a stern, determined expression on his face, and the $3.99-per-gallon price in view — but no car in sight.”


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