The INGOP’s Top Extreme Partisan Moments of the 2021 Legislative Session


INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Democratic Party, the organization that advocates for the future of Indiana and its families, today put on display the extreme partisanship the Indiana Republican Party mandated during the 2021 legislative session at the Indiana General Assembly. The Republicans’ out-of-the-mainstream political agenda once again grabbed headlines, was full of misinformation and conspiracy theories, and ultimately set Indiana back in the process. Had it not been for President Joe Biden’s American Rescue Plan and the Indiana Democrats’ work in House Bill 1006, not much would have been accomplished for the future of Indiana and its communities across the state.  

This year’s legislative session may informally end, but the Indiana Democratic Party is ready to continue talking about all the good opportunities the American Rescue Plan and the upcoming American Jobs Plan will bring to families in Indiana. This includes those $1,400 stimulus checks for 91-percent of Hoosiers and the $5.8 billion Indiana received in relief – which Indiana Republicans happily used in this year’s budget for construction projects and broadband expansion. 

However, it appears Indiana Republicans’ only focus is on the extreme partisanship that has left many Hoosiers frustrated and distrustful in their state government. Take a look at some of the political grandstanding that took place under the Indiana Republican Party’s watch this session season: 

The Entire INGOP Leave Out a Pay Raise for Teachers in Proposed Budgets 

Fort Wayne Journal Gazette: “Nothing in [Holcomb’s] budget directly addresses teacher pay but the administration continues to encourage local districts to pass the tuition support dollars onto teachers.”

Indianapolis Business Journal: “The [House] budget does not address any of the recommendations from the governor’s Teacher Pay Commission’s report…”

95.3 MNC: “But Democrats say they’re disappointed the [Senate budget] doesn’t include money specifically for teacher pay, even after the recommendations of a commission Holcomb appointed to suggest solutions.” 

INGOP Propose and Invest in Unregulated School Choice System 

Associated Press: Indiana voucher plan could take 1/3 of school funding boost

NOTE: GOP State Senator Vaneta Becker criticizes Republican colleagues for pushing this partisan program, harming public schools  

Republicans Bully Indiana’s Cities and Towns, Despite Being Party of “Local Control” 

Associated Press: Local officials get health orders control under Indiana bill

WFYI: Senate Narrowly OKs Bill Overriding Local Prosecutors

Indianapolis Business Journal: Indiana Senate passes bill to strip IndyGo funding, prevent rapid bus line expansion

Fox59: Senate overrides Gov. Holcomb’s tenant-landlord bill veto 

INGOP Shout Down Members of the Indiana Black Legislative Caucus During Session

IndyStar: Republicans shout down and boo Black colleagues who speak about discrimination on House floor

GOP Refuse to Extend *Actual* Pregnancy Accommodations at the Workplace 

South Bend Tribune: Indiana’s pregnancy accommodations bill doesn’t provide any

Republicans Prioritize Legislation to Restrict Absentee Voter Access 

Fox59: Indiana Senate bill could restrict absentee voting for Hoosiers

State Senator Scott Baldwin Calls to Pass House Bill 1369 Hours after Mass Shooting in Indianapolis

Howey Politics: “Just hours after this latest atrocity, State Sen. Scott Baldwin, R-Noblesville, made a pitch for the dead House Bill 1369…” 

Governor Holcomb Refuses to Provide Teachers Access to COVID-19 Vaccine

Chalkbeat: Frustrated teachers lose access to vaccine waitlists as Indiana cracks down

Gov. Holcomb Lifts State Mask Mandate, Rushes Indiana Out of COVID-19

James Briggs: Briggs: Governor’s decision to end Indiana’s mask mandate is flat-out dumb 

Associated Press: Indiana to lift mask mandate amid concern: ‘We’re not ready’

Ken de la Bastide: State sending mixed signals on pandemic precautions

INGOP Supermajority Refuse to Believe in Preventative COVID-19 Guidelines

Fort Wayne Journal Gazette: Rep. Bob Morris of Fort Wayne said “in reality we really aren’t sure masks work.”

Republicans Penalize Gov. Holcomb for Putting Public Safety Ahead of Partisanship During COVID-19 

Fort Wayne Journal Gazette: Holcomb vetoes bill curtailing emergency power


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