The INGov Policy Proposal Breakdown



INDIANAPOLIS – According to Eric Holcomb himself, campaigns are about ideas. He said so himself that “voters appreciate a clear agenda,” and it “many times make the winning difference” in a race.

Using Holcomb’s own words, let’s take a look at the policy proposals both John Gregg and Eric Holcomb have to offer.


John Gregg



18,651 Words in Twelve Policy Plans


Eric Holcomb



879 Words in Two Policy Plans

“It’s clear that Eric Holcomb has no ideas or vision for leading Indiana forward. He’s spent a lifetime as a political operative and is more interested in holding office than doing anything positive once elected,” said Drew Anderson, communications director. “Hoosiers have seen this before and won’t be fooled again. That’s why they are supporting John Gregg, who is offering a big, bold agenda to improve the quality of life for all Hoosiers.”


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