The Jobs Act Delivers Big EV Charging Stations Investment across Indiana


NWI Times: Electric vehicles to get a boost across state, nation from federal infrastructure bill

INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Democratic Party, the organization that advocates for the future of Indiana and its families, today celebrated the brighter future President Joe Biden’s Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act (The Jobs Act) is creating for Indiana. The infrastructure law is set to provide a $14.7 million investment for electric vehicle (EV) charging stations in Allen, Clark and Floyd counties. The locations of these stations will allow electric vehicle owners to make longer trips knowing they will be able to charge their car similar to how other motorists stop for gas. 

Indiana’s EV charging network stands to benefit from these investments thanks to the “YES” votes by U.S Congressmen Frank Mrvan and Andre Carson. Indiana Democrats delivered this better future for Hoosiers across the state.

It’s worth noting: Every single Republican member of Indiana’s Congressional delegation voted “NO” on The Jobs Act despite campaigning on infrastructure. U.S Senator Todd Young famously provided a last-minute flip flop on The Jobs Act after pretending to lead on the policy for months. In fact, folks like Todd Young view the EV network, roads, bridges, and even broadband as “socialism”. The Indiana Republican Party continues to prove they have no plans for the state’s future – just partisanship. 

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NWI Times: Electric vehicles to get a boost across state, nation from federal infrastructure bill

Funds from the federal infrastructure bill will help create a national network of electric vehicle charging stations as sales of EVs continue to grow and owners look to lengthen their traveling range.

“It’s really about addressing range anxiety for longer travel,” Manning said of INDOT’s developing plan for the state’s use of nearly $100 million in federal National Electric Vehicle Infrastructure funds over the next five years.

State plans for NEVI funding are due to the Federal Highway Administration by Aug. 1. Manning said INDOT expects approval of its plan by the end of September, at which point the first year’s allotment of $14.7 million would be released.

The money can be used along federally designated Alternative Fuel Corridors. Indiana’s corridors include its interstate highways, with two final stretches — I-469 around Fort Wayne and I-265 in Floyd and Clark counties — under consideration for approval now.

“Those are probably all going to be ideal locations,” Manning said, both as a place for drivers to spend the time while their vehicles charge and for being more likely to offer a well-lit, 24-hours-a-day setting.


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