The Top 10 Questions Congressman Young Needs to Answer at Tomorrow’s #INSEN Debate


Congressman Todd Young has spent his last six years as a Washington insider putting himself and the special interests first, all at the expense of Hoosier families. He’ll have a lot to defend tomorrow night, but here are the top 10 questions on his anti-Hoosier record he needs to answer:

1. Does Congressman Young still believe that Social Security is a “Ponzi” scheme and that Medicare relied on by 1.1 million Hoosiers is simply “welfare”?

2. Does Young stand by his plan that would turn Medicare into a voucher program and increase health care costs for Hoosier seniors by an average of $6,400 a year?

3. What would Todd Young say to the 1,400 Carrier workers whose jobs were shipped to Mexico and are now eligible for Trade Adjustment Assistance (TAA) funding – after he voted against the program and was “philosophically opposed” to said benefits?

4. Does Congressman Young still think the auto rescue was “a waste” and that the industry should have gone “belly up”?

5. Why did Congressman Young rail against the use of taxpayer-funded political mailers in 2010, but now has spent more than $600,000 on these very same mailings, more than anyone else in the Indiana Congressional delegation?

6. Does Todd Young still support tax breaks for companies that ship Hoosier jobs overseas?

7. How does Young account for his campaign’s fine after accepting nearly $100,000 in prohibited donations?

8. How would Congressman Young explain to Indiana corn farmers his staunch opposition to ethanol tax credits, despite the fact ethanol supports 25,000 Hoosier jobs?

9. Why won’t Todd Young renounce Donald Trump, when his Republican colleagues from Sen. McCain to Sen. Ayotte have already rescinded their support?

10. What would Congressman Young say to Hoosier students after he voted to take away Pell grant funding?


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