They defrauded taxpayers of millions. They donated thousands to Holcomb


Zody calls on Holcomb to donate contributions from online charter school scandal donors

INDIANAPOLIS – A scheme that defrauded Hoosier taxpayers of nearly $70 million also appears to have enriched Hoosier Republicans. Governor Eric Holcomb accepted more than $10,000 in campaign cash from entities or individuals tied to the scandal. Indiana Democratic Party Chairman John Zody called on Holcomb to donate the $10,304 he received from scandal-plagued donors to the Pike Township Educational Foundation.

“Eric Holcomb took campaign cash from entities that stole millions from taxpayers,” said Zody. “It’s shady and it’s the kind of corrosive, corruptive politics that Hoosiers detest. He needs to set the tone, apologize and donate the tainted money to help public schools. Anything less than donating every penny of this tainted money is an implicit endorsement of their thieving.”

Current or former elected Indiana Republicans and their associated campaign committees received more than $100,000 in contributions from companies and individuals tied to the scandal. Republicans failed to schedule a summer study committee in 2019 after Statehouse Democrats pushed for more oversight of online charter schools. Zody believed the appearance of pay to play is par for the course after nearly a decade of complete Republican control.  

“The office of the governor should not appear to be for sale to the highest bidder,” said Zody. “Eric Holcomb got too comfortable with people that shovel campaign cash into his pocket with one hand while fleecing the state for millions with the other. Clearly, Eric Holcomb’s campaign is open for business for unscrupulous operators.”

The Pike Township Education Foundation is a not-for-profit organization which raises funds for activities including scholarships and grants for teacher-driven projects to enhance the educational experience of Pike students. Eric Holcomb attended Pike High School.

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