This Week: INGOP Embattled in Civil War (Again) as Democrats Promote Success of Joe Biden’s American Rescue Plan


John Krull Column: “Indiana Republicans sure know how to fuss and feud.” 

Democrats touted the American Rescue Plan’s success in delivering $1,400 checks to 91% of Hoosiers, $2 billion to Indiana’s public schools

INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Democratic Party, the organization that advocates for the future of Indiana and its families, today highlighted yet another week where Hoosiers saw Democrats get things done on their behalf as the Indiana Republican Party focused its fire on themselves and their extreme partisanship — wasting tax dollars in the process. 

This week, Governor Holcomb chose to sue the Statehouse Republican supermajority for curtailing a governor’s ability to lead Indiana through a time of crisis. This lawsuit was rejected by Attorney General Todd Rokita who refused to authorize the governor to receive outside counsel for the litigation. Even more, Secretary of State Holli Sullivan was found to have violated the very campaign finance laws she is supposed to manage as the state’s top elections official. Both instances show an Indiana Republican Party that would rather focus on power grabs and waste taxpayer dollars than deliver for the Hoosier State. 

In contrast, the Indiana Democratic Party continued to help Indiana and its families put COVID-19 in the rearview mirror. Democrats like Congressmen André Carson and Frank Mrvan, Jr. joined President Joe Biden in promoting the success of the American Rescue Plan ahead of the President’s joint address to the U.S. Congress. Biden’s address received about an 85-percent approval rating from viewers and already the Rescue Plan has delivered $1,400 checks to 91-percent of Hoosiers and invested nearly $2 billion in Indiana’s public schools – showing why partnerships – not partisan politics – is the best way to lead Indiana into the future. 

Eric Holcomb sues Indiana General Assembly over House Bill 1123

Fort Wayne Journal Gazette Editorial: “Indiana Attorney General Todd Rokita says he’s the only one who can determine and advocate a legal position for state government in court. Holcomb sought permission to hire another lawyer to handle his case, but Rokita said no.

The governor hired another attorney anyway, filing the lawsuit in Marion County and setting up more legal back-and-forth over whether the case will even continue.

In short, it is a mess.” 

IndyStar: Indiana Gov. Eric Holcomb sues over legislation limiting executive powers

“The ongoing power struggle between Gov. Eric Holcomb and the state legislature is now making its way to court.

It’s the latest development in the rift between Holcomb and members of his own Republican party who have been perturbed by the governor’s extensive ability to declare a state of emergency and issues various mandates during the coronavirus pandemic.” […]

“Now, Holcomb is suing over the measure, asking a Marion County judge to stop the new law over the objection of Attorney General Todd Rokita, who said he declined to authorize outside counsel to represent Holcomb in the case.”

Associated Press: Governor sues Legislature over emergency powers


WTHR: Gov. Holcomb sues Indiana’s Legislature over emergency powers law

Secretary of State Holli Sullivan Violates Her Office’s Own Campaign Finance Laws

Tristate Homepage: Indiana Secretary of State Holli Sullivan admits fundraising error

Associated Press: Holli Sullivan violates political fundraising rules

IndyStar: Indiana secretary of state accused of breaking election law by soliciting donations

“The appointed official tasked with overseeing elections and campaign finance is under fire from the Indiana Libertarian Party for breaking an election law when she announced her 2022 campaign for secretary of state in a Facebook video on Monday.

Holli Sullivan, who was appointed to the role by Gov. Eric Holcomb earlier this year, solicited donations for her campaign, according to a screenshot provided by the Indiana Libertarian Party. Under Indiana law, state elected officials and lawmakers cannot do that during a budget-crafting year until lawmakers adjourn from their session.

The problem is, the legislature technically hasn’t adjourned.”

Statehouse File: State’s top election officer violates campaign finance rules


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