Three days later, Rep. Braun still silent on latest effort to strip protections from people with pre-existing conditions


INDIANAPOLIS – It’s been three days since the Trump Administration announced its new rule that undermines coverage protections for people with pre-existing conditions, and Hoosiers are still waiting to hear whether Rep. Braun supports this latest attack on Americans’ health care.

On Monday, the Trump Administration announced a new rule that allows states who have received waivers to allow unregulated health care plans onto their insurance markets that would not be required to cover pre-existing conditions. Insurers in states with these waivers would be able to discriminate against people like the 1.1 million Hoosiers under 65 with a pre-existing condition. While Joe Donnelly spoke out against the latest round of health care sabotage – as he has consistently throughout the past two years – Rep. Braun has remained silent.

Rep. Braun’s refusal to say anything about the Administration’s new policy after repeatedly lying to Hoosiers and claiming he supported retaining pre-existing conditions protections isn’t shocking, however. Rep. Braun has supported at least three different partisan proposals to dismantle health care for Hoosiers with pre-existing conditions – but instead of being truthful about his support for the GOP’s repeated acts of health care sabotage, Rep. Braun has taken to dodging questions from Hoosiers and the media about his stance.

“It’s clear that Rep. Braun doesn’t actually care about saving protections for Hoosiers with pre-existing conditions, or he would have denounced the Administration’s latest step to undermine Hoosiers’ health care,” said Michael Feldman, spokesman for the Indiana Democratic Party. “If it wasn’t already obvious to Hoosiers that they can’t trust Rep. Braun to protect their health care, his silence on the latest effort to dismantle coverage for pre-existing conditions after supporting every other GOP proposal should be all the proof they need.”


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