Todd Young, an Insider Who’s Never at Fault & Does Bare Minimum for Hoosiers


INDIANAPOLIS – John Zody, Chairman of the Indiana Democratic Party, released the following statement after the Republican U.S. Senate Primary debate between Todd Young and Marlin Stutzman.

“If tonight’s debate proved one thing for Hoosiers, it was that Todd Young is literally incapable of admitting to any fault of his own. While actually admitting to breaking the state’s election law, Todd Young refused to say his campaign was at fault for not meeting the ballot signature requirement to be a candidate for Senate. Further, from supporting out-of-touch policies like Mike Pence’s RFRA to voting for a government shutdown – Young is doing everything he can to catch Marlin Stutzman. This means letting Young’s D.C. friends provide a $1.4 million bailout to save his struggling campaign. Hoosier shouldn’t trust Todd Young – because if his recent ballot snafu was any indicator, he will never admit fault for cutting corners and doing the bare minimum for Hoosiers.”


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