Todd Young Asks His D.C. Friends for Another Bailout to Save Struggling Campaign


In total, Young and allies are dumping $750,000 for airtime in Indiana

INDIANAPOLIS – Finger-pointing, name-calling Todd Young’s campaign is so bad that Washington, D.C. Republicans are throwing their extra cash to help him catch frontrunner Marlin Stutzman. But that happens when you have a candidate like Todd Young who believed Indiana election law doesn’t apply to him and failed to reach the minimum ballot signature requirements.

“After blaming everyone but himself on his ballot signature snafu, Todd Young is now asking his Washington friends for another bailout – but this time it’s to save his struggling campaign from losing to frontrunner Marlin Stutzman,” said Drew Anderson, communications director. “Hoosiers have figured out who Todd Young is, and they don’t want a politician who is unwilling to do the tough, gritty work that’s required to be a public servant for Indiana. Instead, they see Todd Young as a Washington-establishment politician who will say or do anything required to win votes. That’s not the Hoosier way.”

The news of yesterday’s ad buy comes after Todd Young released a website attacking his primary opponent, a move cementing a complete flip-flop from a month before. After numerous independent counts in February found Young didn’t get enough signatures needed to qualify for the U.S. Senate ballot, Todd Young blamed his opponent – Marlin Stutzman – for practicing “Chicago-style politics.” But through the announcement of a new attack website on Rep. Stutzman, it seemed like Todd Young is willing to say or do absolutely anything that served his own political interests.


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