Todd Young Calls to Dismantle Union Work on Projects for The Jobs Act – Despite Voting “NO” on Infrastructure Law


Tom McDermott: “Hoosiers won’t forget Young voted ‘NO’ on bringing American Rescue Plan money to Indiana, nor will they forget that Young pulled support for the BIPARTISAN infrastructure plan.”

Don’t Forget: Todd Young Caught Touting The Jobs Act – Despite “NO” Vote and Dramatic Flip-Flop on the Law

WFYI: Indiana union membership grew in 2021, despite a national decline

INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Democratic Party, the organization that advocates for the future of Indiana and its families, today criticized U.S. Senator Todd Young for leading an effort to dismantle organized labor’s contracts with the federal government. In a letter with more than 40 other Republican U.S. Senators, Young claimed prioritizing union jobs would harm implementation of The Jobs Act – the same law the Senator delivered a last minute flip-flop prior to its passage in the U.S. Senate last fall. This is also the same law Todd Young is trying to take credit for behind the scenes despite putting the Indiana GOP’s partisanship ahead of a brighter future for Hoosier families. 

“Senator Todd Young would rather hire unskilled out of state workers on important Indiana infrastructure projects than allow skilled Hoosier union members to work and professionally complete these essential road, bridge, and water improvements,” said Tom McDermott, U.S. Senate candidate and Mayor of Hammond. “Hoosiers won’t forget Young voted ‘NO’ on bringing American Rescue Plan money to Indiana, nor will they forget that Young pulled support for the BIPARTISAN infrastructure plan. Hoosier working men and women won’t forgive him for trying to put union workers out of a job.”

Simply put: Todd Young and Indiana Republicans are putting their culture wars on organized labor ahead of the state’s bright future. This partisan agenda is exactly why Indiana has a F-rated workforce and a D+ rated education system. Good-paying jobs are leaving the state, and Hoosier workers now must clock in more hours for far less cash. Luckily, Indiana Democrats delivered for Hoosier workers and organized labor by passing the American Rescue Plan and The Jobs Act, two laws that put workers ahead of partisanship. 

“Senator Todd Young yet again proves that he is not on the side of working Hoosiers. Senator Young would rather side with low-road contractors who seek to win construction project bids by lowering their labor costs and assembling a low-wage, low-skill, easily exploitable workforce. The fact is, Project Labor Agreements help guarantee that our schools, roads, and bridges in Indiana are built by a safe, productive, and highly-trained Hoosier workforce,” said Brett Voorhies, President of the Indiana AFL-CIO. “These agreements ensure major construction projects are completed efficiently while protecting workers’ wages and working conditions. PLAs are not only good for Hoosier workers, they’re good for Hoosier taxpayers too. PLAs streamline labor relations and help make sure federal construction projects get completed on time and under budget, saving taxpayers money.”


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