Todd Young Credits President Biden for Indiana Manufacturing Boom


INDIANAPOLIS — The Biden Administration’s recent success in Indiana has been so overwhelming that even Republican Todd Young can’t resist praising President Biden. When asked about the electric vehicle manufacturing boom in Indiana by POLITICO, Young remarked that President Biden rightfully deserved credit. 

Since President Biden took office in 2021, Indiana has seen new, skyrocketing levels of investment. Private industries have spent over $15 billion in Indiana’s future-oriented economy, including in chips production, RV manufacturing, and clean energy creation. Indiana is also getting ahead of the game by becoming a leader in emerging technology and manufacturing.

While in Indiana on behalf of the President, Secretary Pete Buttigieg boasted recent investments in electric vehicle and battery production right here in Indiana. Under the Biden Administration, private companies have invested over $8 billion in Indiana solely for the manufacturing of EVs and batteries. These significant investments have created significant job growth and will continue to do so for hardworking Hoosiers. 

“President Biden deserves credit for policy which has not only healed the economic woes of his predecessor but also unleashed economic potential nationwide, including in Indiana as Senator Young attested to,” said Indiana Democratic Party Chair Mike Schmuhl. “Senator Young’s recent comments are revealing, but telling in this time of political polarization. This administration is delivering record investment and extraordinary progress for workers, business owners, and manufacturers alike. Democrats are investing in all corners of America, keeping unemployment at record lows, and securing a positive future.

“We can take advantage of this record investment by investing back in our workforce, and future generations at the state level. That’s why Democrats are continually pushing for universal pre-K, and helped secure automatic enrollment in the 21st Century Scholars program.”


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