Todd Young: Cutting Social Security, Medicare “Fair Game” Just Weeks After Saying It “Needs to Be Protected”


Todd Young, 10.12.22: “Social Security needs to be protected. 

ABC57: Sen. Young says debt ceiling is “fair game” to negotiate spending cuts

INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Democratic Party, the organization that advocates for the future of Indiana and its families, today called out Todd Young for being two-faced on an issue important to Hoosier seniors: Social Security and Medicare. Young admitted this week that cuts to these social programs were “fair game” during debt ceiling negotiations next year. 

The problem: The Senator’s statements are in stark contrast to his remarks during the only U.S. Senate debate and in interviews last month. Then, Todd Young said “Social Security needs to be protected.” 

This is two-faced Todd Young at his worst, and he’s the kind of politician Hoosiers loathe most. Let’s not forget: Young has had long-standing opposition to Social Security. During his first run for Congress, the Senator referred to the program as a “Ponzi scheme“. Young even voted against protecting social security in 2013 and he voted for the Republican Cut, Cap, and Balance Plan in 2011 which would have made massive cuts to Social Security, Medicare, and Medicaid.

Let’s make one thing clear: Todd Young will cut 

Social Security and Medicare if he’s re-elected.

Below highlights Todd Young’s about face on the issue of Social Security. To learn more about the Senator’s two-faced record, go to

SHOT: Todd Young Says Social Security “Needs to Be Protected” in October

Todd Young, 10.12.22: “Social Security needs to be protected. We’ve gone too long without a bipartisan solution advancing through the Congress. That’s why I’ve been leading the way to ensure that we impanel bipartisan rescue committees to come up with a solution to save Social Security and ensure that that receives expedited consideration in the U.S. Senate.” 

CHASER: Todd Young Says Cuts to Social Security are “Fair Game” in November

Todd Young, 11.04.22: “So there are these leverage points, debt ceiling increase and keeping government funded, that have historically been regarded as fair game in order to get some principled and fair-minded concessions out of politicians who are always looking to the next election rather than the next generation.”

LIME: Todd Young calls Social Security a “Ponzi scheme” in 2010

Todd Young, 6.10.2010: “Social Security is a Ponzi scheme.”


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