Todd Young Does About-Face, Embraces Same Dangerous Rhetoric He Once Condemned Two Months Ago


ICYMI: Todd Young criticizes the GOP’s base, describing them as having “anger and resentment

Remember When: Senator Young called for accountability for Indiana Republicans complicit in lies, misinformation, and events leading to insurrection 

INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Democratic Party, the organization that advocates for the future of Indiana and its families, today condemned U.S. Senator Todd Young for his predictable, rhetorical about-face about accountability within the Indiana Republican Party. It was reported this week that Todd Young had put in an endorsement request with former President Donald Trump for his reelection campaign. The problem: Young said the public should “name and shame” politicians who perpetuate “things that are completely false and deceiving constituents”. 

So, what changed? Young’s political reality. In order to stave off a possible primary challenge and hold onto his voting base, the Senator has been forced to embrace a rhetoric that was not only responsible for the January 6 insurrection, which he opposed, but he’s deploying this rhetoric that is rooted in misinformation, grievance, and anger – something he once criticized. 

“Todd Young is a moral hypocrite. He chucked his Hoosier values out the window and is ready to do whatever it takes to win his reelection — even if it means embracing the voters he once described as having ‘anger and resentment’,” said Drew Anderson, spokesman for the Indiana Democratic Party. “By placating the GOP’s Q-Anon-loving fan base, Todd Young and the Indiana Republican Party have made it clear they have no vision for Indiana and its families. It’s why they cannot be trusted.” 

This was Todd Young not so long ago:

Todd Young Pens Op-Ed Following Insurrection: “We Are Not Enemies, We Are Americans”

“The events of the past week have demonstrated that we have to do more than channel the anger of citizens who feel shut out; we have to do more than give voice to their resentments. We must focus on what is driving their anger and disempowerment, and understand the true nature of the challenges it brings. Then, rather than offering vague promises, we can put forward real solutions that bring our principles – belief in limited government, faith in communities, and reverence for institutions – in line with our problem solving. Rather than provide additional ammunition in an ongoing tribal war, we should seek to serve every American and mend a splintering nation.” – U.S. Senator Todd Young, January 10, 2021

Senator Todd Young slams the INGOP’s voting base 

You cannot keep a party together, congeal a majority party, based on anger and resentment. Instead it takes empathy and actual resolution of challenges that people are facing.” – Todd Young, INFocus 1.31.21

Young calls for public shaming of INGOP’ers who “deceiving constituents”

“I think we need to name and shame members of the media who were out there perpetuating mistruths and deceiving individuals. I think the same applies to politicians who are out there perpetuating things that are completely false and deceiving constituents.” – Todd Young, INFocus 1.31.21


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