Todd Young Feels Heat Across State for History of Skirting Tax & Finance Rules


21 Alive: Todd Young’s improper finance record “coming back to haunt him”

INDIANAPOLIS – Congressman Todd Young is coming under fire across Indiana for his past attempts to evade tax laws and campaign finance rules. As a brutal AP story revealed earlier this week, Congressman Young took “improper tax deductions” on a home he didn’t own, paid his taxes late then bounced his check to pay the late fees, and took nearly $100,000 in prohibited donations that cost him about $30,000 in fines.

The statewide attention comes as the Indy Star reported that Congressman Young is being largely propped up by outside spending from special interest billionaires to help fuel his nearly 90 percent negative campaign. From the nightly news to the front pages, Young’s history of skirting the rules is making all the wrong kinds of headlines just a week before the Election.

21 Alive: Todd Young’s improper tax record, “sloppy campaign finance practices,” and “past may be coming back to haunt him”:

Terre Haute Tribune Star:

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