Todd Young Finally Admits to Breaking Indiana Election Laws


Young on his ballot signature problem: “It’s akin, I suppose, to someone being clocked in at 55 miles an hour, or 54 miles an hour, in a 55 miles an hour speed limit, and brought to court for a speeding violation. Would you ask the person, don’t you regret not going 45 miles an hour just to play it safe? No! I followed the law.”

INDIANAPOLIS – Todd Young finally admitted to breaking state election laws earlier this year. When explaining his ballot signature problem from February – where independent counts found Todd Young did not follow state election laws – Young compared the issue to receiving a speeding ticket for…breaking state traffic laws.

Todd Young on his ballot signature problem.

“Todd Young thinks that he’s never at fault – and it was evident when he refused to accept blame for his campaign’s inability to follow state election laws. But when he finally did admit to breaking state election laws, he also inadvertently told Hoosiers that it was completely fine to break other state laws – including state traffic laws,” said Drew Anderson, communications director. “Hoosiers want to elect a leader who follows the law – not someone who’s too stubborn to be an adult and accept blame for a problem. And with Todd Young, Hoosiers see a politician who not just cuts corners himself, but advocates for it while on the campaign trail.”



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