Todd Young Flip Flops on Bipartisan Infrastructure Deal Due to INGOP’s Extreme Partisanship


Young voted for a $2.3 trillion tax cut for big corporations and America’s richest, but he’ll say “NO” to good-paying jobs, broadband, and repairs to roads and bridges

On July 28, Todd Young touted the upcoming infrastructure deal as an “historic investment” for Indiana and Hoosier families 

NWI Times: “Records show since Young began representing Indiana in the Senate in 2017 the national debt has grown by $8.4 trillion”

INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Democratic Party, the organization that advocates for the future of Indiana and its families, today slammed U.S. Senator Todd Young for opposing the bipartisan infrastructure deal he once previously touted as an “historic investment” for Indiana. Young’s excuse for voting “NO” on the infrastructure deal doesn’t hold up. The Senator had no problem voting for a $2.3 trillion tax cut for big corporations and America’s richest in 2017 (all of which was added to the national debt), but the recent score by the Congressional Budget Office (CBO) prompted Young to say “NAY” to a once-in-a-generation investment for Indiana and Hoosier families. It’s worth noting that Senator Young also watched former President Donald Trump add $7.8 trillion to the national debt in just four years – and barely said a word about it. 

“It’s disappointing to hear that  Senator Young would change his infrastructure vote to “NO” because of extreme partisanship just as Hoosiers are asking for high-wage jobs, stronger roads and bridges, and better broadband access. This is classic Todd Young. He consistently promises Hoosiers one thing, but changes course when it matters most,” said Lauren Ganapini, executive director for the Indiana Democratic Party. “Here are recent receipts: Todd Young said he’s concerned about the national debt but voted for a $2.3 trillion tax bailout for big corporations. Young claimed to put country first but voted “NO” on creating a commission for the January 6 Insurrection. Senator Young, just like the rest of the Indiana Republican Party, proved once again he only takes his orders from the Washington GOP establishment — not Hoosier voters.”   

Todd Young’s about face on his infrastructure vote is all due to the Indiana Republican Party’s extreme partisanship and nothing to do with creating good-paying jobs, expanding broadband access, and repairing crumbling roads and bridges across Indiana. Further, Young’s flip-flop represents the sad reality of the current Republican Party who’ve lost their identity and would rather spread misinformation and campaign on extremism than deliver for Hoosier families. This includes the Republicans’ “NO” votes on the American Rescue Plan, which delivered vaccines in arms, stimulus checks for families, and $250 million in state broadband investments. 

Indiana Democrats are fed up and are ready to deliver once more for Indiana and its families. U.S. Congressmen André Carson and Frank Mrvan both plan to vote for the American Jobs Plan as the broader Indiana Democratic Party has hit the road sharing with Hoosiers about why Indiana needs this once-in-a-generation investment in the state’s infrastructure system. Democrats know it’s time to dismantle the Indiana Republicans’ “work more for less” economy, take broadband internet expansion to the next level, and deliver quality childcare and health care access for Indiana’s veterans and families. The American Jobs Plan will deliver this opportunity for Indiana, and Democrats are happy to support this opportunity for Hoosier families. 


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