Todd Young, Gov. Eric Holcomb, INGOP Chair Kyle Hupfer Should Condemn Mike Braun’s Interracial Marriage Comments


INGOP leaders have been silent since Mike Braun’s comments yesterday afternoon

INGOP’s silence on Braun puts Party’s diversity series in jeopardy, follows GOP booing Black elected officials during 2021 legislative session

INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Democratic Party, the organization that advocates for the future of Indiana and its families, today called on U.S. Senator Todd Young, Governor Eric Holcomb, and Indiana Chairman Kyle Hupfer to condemn U.S. Senator Mike Braun for claiming the United States Supreme Court should not have legalized interracial marriage nationwide. Braun was asked repeatedly if he could clarify his comments during yesterday’s press conference, but the Senator stuck to his believe that interracial marriage was wrongly ruled by the Supreme Court. These remarks again highlight how dangerous the Indiana GOP’s culture wars have become, and it’s diminishing Indiana’s future.

Not one elected Indiana Republican has condemned the Senator’s remarks – including INGOP Chairman Kyle Hupfer. In fact, the Indiana Republican Party’s silence comes as it promoted its diversity series online at the same time of Braun’s remarks. 

It’s time Todd Young, Eric Holcomb, and Kyle Hupfer condemn Mike Braun’s un-American comments.

“It is appalling to see a sitting U.S. Senator from Indiana claim the United States Supreme Court was wrong in deciding the legality of interracial marriage in our nation. Our nation’s highest court rightfully decided decades ago that race should not prevent a committed couple from a loving marriage. To suggest that this issue be left to each state to decide is an affront to the rule of law and our rights as Americans under the Constitution, said Mayor Tom McDermott, Democratic Candidate for U.S. Senate. “I condemn Mike Braun’s comments because they are un-American and do not reflect the values of the nation I swore an oath – as a veteran and elected official – to serve and protect. Braun’s comments have no place in our public discourse, and I urge U.S. Senator Todd Young to join me in condemning a form of views that should be left behind in our nation’s past.”

This is not the first time Indiana Republicans have demolished the credibility of its own diversity series. In 2021, the Republican supermajority at the Indiana Statehouse booed the Indiana Black Legislative Caucus for condemning legislation they found discriminatory against schools in South Bend. Further, Indiana Republicans introduced legislation during the 2022 legislative session that would have made the state’s takeover of Gary Community Public Schools permanent. This would have shut out a majority Black community from making decisions about its own school system. 


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