Todd Young Supports Election-Denier Diego Morales. But Will Young Campaign with Him?


Todd Young: “Congratulations to Diego Morales on winning the hard-fought Indiana Secretary of State nomination.” 

Todd Young voted to certify the same 2020 election Diego Morales called a “scam” 

Todd Young once called Marjorie Taylor Greene “nutty”, but will he stand up to Diego?

INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Democratic Party, the organization that advocates for the future of Indiana and its families, today criticized U.S. Senator Todd Young for supporting election-denier Diego Morales following his win at the Indiana GOP’s state convention. Diego was fired (twice) from the Secretary of State’s Office, described the 2020 elections as a “scam” and campaigned with insurrectionist Steve Bannon. Morales also wants to place additional voter restrictions in the Hoosier State – despite Holli Sullivan confirming Indiana’s elections were “safe and secure”. 

It’s simple: Diego Morales is a threat to Hoosier democracy. His values are too extreme for the Hoosier State. But like every other issue, Todd Young will try to have it both ways with Diego Morales. Indiana Democrats have the following questions for the Senator: 

Will Todd Young campaign with Diego Morales?

Will Todd Young condemn Diego Morales for calling the 2020 elections a “scam”?

Does Todd Young still believe Donald Trump lost the 2020 election?

“Todd Young has told Indiana’s youth they must stand up to hate, and now is the perfect opportunity for the Senator to back up his words with action. Diego Morales is Indiana’s Marjorie Taylor Greene, and if he can call her ‘nutty’, then Young should have no problem condemning Morales for calling the 2020 elections a ‘scam’,” said Lauren Ganapini, executive director of the Indiana Democratic Party. “Diego Morales is a threat to Hoosier democracy, and it’s time for ‘Indiana’s Marine’ to put a stop to this dangerous rhetoric in his Party or prove he’s just another politician with no plans for our state – just abiding by extreme partisanship.” 

Todd Young should have no problem standing up to Diego Morales, because he’s done it with extreme Republicans outside of Indiana. After the January 6 Insurrection, Young described Trump supporters – even Hoosiers – as having “fear and resentment”. The Senator also had no problem criticizing Marjorie Taylor Greene, describing her as an “embarrassment” and “nutty”. Young even went as far as saying there should be “no place for [Greene] in the Republican Party”. Young’s campaign even bragged about not needing Donald Trump’s endorsement for U.S. Senate. 

It’s time Todd Young backed up his political rhetoric with action. It’s time Young stands up to the extremists inside the Indiana Republican Party. It starts with Diego Morales. 


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