Todd Young Touts Support for Small Businesses, Votes “NO” on $450 Billion for Small Business via American Rescue Plan


NWI Times: “Young told the gathering of a half-dozen small business owners and NFIB members that he aims to get the federal government back to clearing away business obstacles”

Small Business Association (SBA) delivers more than $450 billion to help more than 6 million small businesses during COVID-19

INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Democratic Party, the organization that advocates for the future of Indiana and its families, today criticized Todd Young for lying about his support for small businesses and entrepreneurs. Young claimed in Northwest Indiana that the federal government shouldn’t put “ankle weights” on small businesses that “drive our economy”. But if that were the case, Senator Young would not have voted against the American Rescue Plan’s $450 billion investment that saved more than 6 million small businesses and entrepreneurs (and counting) nationwide during COVID-19. In fact, the economic recovery has led to a surge in entrepreneurial opportunities – all thanks to the American Rescue Plan. 

It’s a fact: Todd Young is the typical Washington politician who says one thing to voters, but votes another way when it matters most. He’s just like the rest of the Indiana Republican Party, putting his extremist agenda ahead of Indiana’s economic future. 

In contrast, André Carson and Frank Mrvan said “YES” to the American Rescue Plan and delivered on the kitchen-table issues most important to Hoosiers – like saving small businesses. Whether it’s the American Rescue Plan, the Infrastructure Investment and Jobs Act, the CHIPS and Science Act, or the Inflation Reduction Act – Democrats are creating a better future for Indiana’s economy and Hoosier families. It’s a record Indiana Democrats will proudly campaign on across Indiana ahead of the fall’s state and midterm elections. 

SHOT: Todd Young Claims to Support Small Business

NWI Times: Young told the gathering of a half-dozen small business owners and NFIB members that he aims to get the federal government back to clearing away business obstacles and regulations to restore the optimism of entrepreneurs and their confidence in the future. […]

Young said the COVID-19 pandemic, high inflation and federal spending increases have many small business owners questioning whether to risk new capital or continue investing in their companies amid such uncertainty, and that’s not good for Hoosiers or the economy.

“We have to be very cautious at the federal level. When we’re spending money in a particular area, if that money is not being used to increase productivity in areas, we ought to think several times before offering our support,” Young said. “The last thing we want to do is put ankle-weights on those who help drive our economy.”

CHASER: Todd Young Voted “NO” on American Rescue Plan’s $450 Billion Investment for Nation’s Small Businesses, Entrepreneurs 

Isabella Casillas Guzman, Small Business Association Administrator: “The SBA was transformational for small businesses, providing over $450 billion in critical recovery funding to more than 6 million entrepreneurs, helping them survive, reopen, and once again thrive even in the face of deep challenges. As I’ve traveled the country over the past year, I have heard firsthand the inspiring stories of resilience and recovery from hundreds of business owners and entrepreneurs who have directly benefited from the Restaurant Revitalization Fund, the Paycheck Protection Program, COVID Economic Injury Disaster Loans, and Shuttered Venue Operators Grants, and who credit those programs for saving their businesses.

“Thanks to the American Rescue Plan, Americans have returned to work at an unprecedentedly fast pace, and our economy is growing at the fastest rate in almost 40 years. This recovery has spurred a surge in entrepreneurship, and Americans are applying to start new businesses at a record rate, up about 30 percent compared to before the pandemic.”


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