Todd Young Tried a Political Stunt while “Filling Up” in Gary – It Did Not Go Well


INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Democratic Party, the organization that advocates for the future of Indiana and its families, today pointed out how Todd Young’s partisan stunt on gas prices massively backfired yesterday online. In case you missed it, Todd Young was so mad about the price at the pump that he took a photo of himself getting gas in Gary…but without a vehicle in sight

Tweet by Todd Young on 10.25.22

Todd Young has another problem: He is once again telling on his own Indiana Republican Party – who voted to raise the gas tax in 2017. This gas tax is expected to rise yet again on November 1, forcing Hoosiers to pay even more at the pump. Additionally, gas prices have gone down in Northwest Indiana since the last time Todd Young held a similar political stunt on gas. 

Goes to show: Two-Faced Todd Young is the kind of politician Hoosiers loathe most about elected leaders. Young is all phony politics- no substance. 

Todd Young’s stunt was predictably shredded on social media. Here’s a sample of the reaction: 

James Briggs: Everyone is talking about how there’s no car and missing the fact that the senator’s sleeves are way too long.

James Briggs (added later): look all i’m saying is that the car might be inside one of the sleeves

Shari Rudavsky: It’s not that the high price of gas led him to run on empty and have to hoof it over to the nearest gas station?

Daily Kos: Indiana Republican’s attempt to score inflation political points doesn’t go as planned

“Republican Sen. Todd Young of Indiana took time away from voting in favor of allowing companies to continue to price-gouge Americans for insulin, to do a campaign theater photo shoot. Sen. Young is currently in a tight race with Democratic candidate Tom McDermott. Young knows where his bread is buttered—corporate price-gouging inflation! No, silly! Joe Biden’s ability to control both the weather and world inflation! Young tweeted out an image showing himself, standing very still—even for a still photograph—play-acting at getting ready to pump some gas.”

Muffet McGraw (former University of Notre Dame women’s basketball coach): Probably should have voted for that lower fuel cost bill to stop price gouging then huh?  You are more interested in partisanship than creating a better future for Hoosier families.

Brian Tyler Cohen: “here take this photo of my aggressive stance toward a gas pump and no car in sight.”

Keith Olbermann: You got bigger problems, Bub. Somebody done stole your car.

Eileen Mary O’Connell: Todd Young really be out there driving Mermaid Man and Barnacle Boy’s invisible boatmobile

John Green: Todd, what are you refueling? Where is the vehicle? Do… you … run … on unleaded gasoline?

Mark Russell: Huh. I wonder what was going on in 2020 that made gas so cheap? Does anyone remember?

Tom Maloney

Hemant Metha: I, a normal person, also go to the gas station without my car.


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