Todd Young’s Week of Dodging, Ducking, and Denying Hoosiers Answers


INDIANAPOLIS – Congressman Todd Young’s week was chock-full of him dodging questions about his unwavering support of Donald Trump and his policy positions that benefit the special interests at the expense of Hoosier families.

After the presidential candidate condoned sexual assault and refused to say he would accept the results of Election Day, Todd Young refused to speak out, instead saying absurdly that there could be “psychological rigging of the election” and claiming he was “reading” during the final presidential debate.

This desperate dodge comes despite saying he would be the “independent voice prepared to speak out quite forcefully against” Trump when he’s wrong.

But that wasn’t all the ducking Congressman Young did this week. During the U.S. Senate debate early this week and throughout the entirety of the campaign, Congressman Young refused to explain his harmful record for Hoosier families, including:

– Why he voted to allow companies like Carrier to keep their tax breaks even when they ship Hoosier jobs overseas

– Why he chose to accept donations from Carrier’s parent company even after it outsourced 1,400 Indiana jobs to Mexico

– Why he said the auto rescue that helped save 100,000 Hoosier jobs was a “waste…let it go belly up

– Why he voted 23 times against the opportunity to prevent known or suspected terrorists to purchase guns

– Why he voted against funding for PTSD treatment for veterans and against suicide prevention services for service members and veterans

– Why he voted against protecting Social Security from privatization, called Medicare “welfare,” and voted to reopen the donut hole for seniors

“Instead of being an ‘independent voice’ as Congressman Todd Young vowed, he has defaulted to dodging and ducking questions from reporters and refusing to provide answers that Hoosiers deserve to know,” said Brooke Bainum, press secretary. “Despite campaigning for more than a year, Congressman Young still has no answers for why he wants companies to keep their tax breaks for shipping jobs overseas or why he wanted the Indiana auto industry to go ‘belly up.’ It’s clear that Todd Young will continue to put his own political ambition first and continue ignoring questions about his harmful record to Hoosiers.”


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