Todd Young’s Week of Waste, Fraud & Abuse


INDIANAPOLIS – This week, Congressman Young has seen Indiana front pages and nightly news reports focused on his career of putting himself before the people of Indiana through a consistent diet of waste, fraud, and abuse—not what he was hoping for the week before the election.

But don’t take our word for it. Just look at the coverage below.


Congressman Young spent more than $500,000 in taxpayer dollars on campaign style mailers, including $300,000 on taxpayer-funded mail “consultants.” Young spent more money on this type of mail than any other member of the Indiana delegation.

Making Todd Young’s wasteful habits even worse is his blatant hypocrisy, the exact type of spending he campaigned against in 2010. In fact, Young once called this practice “akin to partisan gerrymandering” and lamented that it “upsets the balance of the system.” That is, unless it benefits his own interests. 


Congressman’s Young’s history of skirting the rules for his own benefit was also back in the spotlight this week as Hoosiers were reminded of the time their “Tax-writing congressman violated tax law.” 

Among his transgressions, Todd Young tried to save himself thousands of dollars by collecting an improper tax deduction on a rental home, bounced a $4,000 check when making a payment on delinquent property taxes, and was accused by county officials of committing “homestead fraud.” As one official told the AP, “I’m just disappointed that any congressman would do that.”


Also coming back to haunt Congressman Young this week were his multiple fines from the FEC for abusing federal campaign laws. Young’s violations—taking nearly $100,000 in prohibited donations—were so shocking that his campaign needed to return $30,000 to the taxpayers. Not exactly the kind of politician Hoosiers can trust

And what was Todd Young’s response to these missteps? No comment.

“…Young’s campaign did not respond to direct questions from the AP about the Republican’s tax issues, use of congressional mailers or FEC fines.” –[Associated Press 10/31/16]


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