Todd’s Temper Tantrums: Focused on Culture Wars, Not Helping Hoosiers; Calls Separation of Church and State a ‘Myth’


INDIANAPOLIS — Attorney General Todd Rokita held a press conference on Tuesday to double down on his crusade on culture war issues, instead of helping consumers and Hoosiers get ahead, going as far to call the separation of church and state a “myth”.

Hoosiers know and trust their educators and local schools. Indiana is in the midst of a large teacher shortage because of the Republican supermajority and elected officials such as Rokita refuse to treat educators with the respect they deserve as professionals.

AG Rokita went on to claim during the press conference that “The Parents’ Bill of Rights is Indiana Law,” and that the “myth of the separation of church and state came from from case law a few decades ago, but it is a myth.”

“It should concern Hoosiers of all political stripes that Attorney General Rokita seems to think he can make laws despite not being a legislator, and that he considers the separation of church and state to be a ‘myth,’” said Indiana Democratic Party Chair Mike Schmuhl. 

“We need an attorney general that doesn’t attack educators or students, and instead works to improve education across the state, respecting the religious freedom of all Hoosiers. We have large issues to tackle that our attorney general should be working with lawmakers to address, such as the worst polluted waters in the country, our poor wage growth, low higher education attainment rates, and lack of affordable housing. We can replace AG Rokita in 2024 with a Democrat who will put protecting Hoosier families and consumers from special interests first.”


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