Top 8 Reasons Why Indiana Needs the American Jobs Plan


Democrats delivered this spring by passing President Joe Biden’s American Rescue Plan. Thanks to the Rescue Plan, Hoosier families have the tools to put COVID-19 in the rearview mirror. But to help Indiana build back better from the pandemic, it’s now time to take Indiana and Hoosier families to the next level. That’s why Democrats are ready to pass the upcoming American Jobs Plan.

Let’s take a look at the 8 ways why Indiana needs the Jobs Plan.

Empowering Indiana’s Unions

Unions are the reason why the 40-hour work week is possible. But since Indiana Republicans passed “right to work” laws a decade ago, worker wages have fallen and they’ve created a “work more for less’ economy for our families. That reality must change. The American Jobs Plan would pass the Protect the Right to Organize (PRO) Act, and with it, our unions would be strengthened and workers can safely organize and collectively bargain for better wages, benefits, and working conditions.

Supporting Indiana Manufacturers

It’s no secret: Hoosier manufacturers are the backbone of Indiana’s economy. That’s why with the Democrats’ Jobs Plan, about  $300 billion will be allocated towards retooling and revitalizing our nation’s manufacturers in a way that will set the United States up to outcompete China in the future.

Building Broadband Access and Speed for Every Hoosier

Covid-19 has made it clear that Indiana still has some serious catching up to do with its access to broadband internet. About 12.4% of Hoosiers do not have any access to reliable broadband internet, and what’s worse, about 48.4% of families do not have the ability to choose their internet service provider. The American Jobs Plan’s $100 billion investment into broadband internet will expand on the $250 million investment provided by the American Rescue Plan and ensure that no Hoosier family is left behind in the 21st Century.

Fixing Indiana’s Roads and Bridges

Indiana has 1,111 bridges and over 5,478 miles of highway that are in poor condition. Driving on our state’s crumbling infrastructure is costing the average driver about $638 more each year. President Joe Biden’s American Jobs Plan’s $115 billion investment in repairing our nation’s roads and bridges would keep Hoosier families safer, save Indiana more money, and help restore Indiana’s reputation of being the “Crossroads of America”.

Addressing Indiana’s Childcare Crisis

Democrats know that we have a child care crisis on our hands, and it’s holding Hoosier families back from a better future. Indiana’s $518 million school investment gap has left over half of Hoosiers without access to child care. This is keeping women out of the workforce and draining money out of Hoosier families. To solve this, tThe Jobs Plan will allocate $400 billion towards getting Hoosier children early education and allowing more women to pursue their careers.

Investing in Veterans’ Health Care

Indiana’s 409,836 veterans deserve access to world-class health care after protecting the freedoms of our nation. Through the Jobs Plan, Democrats would deliver an additional $18 billion to update the VA system so that our heroes receive medical services they deserve – right here in Indiana.

Modernizing Public Transportation

Indiana’s public transportation is about to get a BIG boost. President Biden’s Jobs Plan would allocate $85 billion towards modernizing the country’s public transit systems. This means it could update the 38% of Indiana trains and vehicles that are past their useful life and cut back on the 88.7% longer commute time for Hoosiers using public transit.

Safeguarding Us from Future Disasters

Hoosiers are used to the twists and turns weather brings us in the Midwest. Between 2010 and 2020 alone, Indiana had 34 extreme weather events, and it cost the state $10 billion in damage. Climate change is only making these crises stronger and more frequent. With the help of an expected $50 billion investment from the Jobs Plan, America’s infrastructure will be more resilient the next time the unexpected happens.

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