Top Nine Tourist Spots for Tennessee Trey Hollingsworth to Visit in IN-09


INDIANAPOLIS – Tennessee Trey Hollingsworth, who after carpet bagging his way to a Republican primary win, has made scant appearances in Indiana’s Ninth Congressional District. In fact, Tennessee Trey’s social media accounts tell all as his campaign stops within the district appear to be few and far in between.

This absence has prompted the Indiana Democratic Party to provide Tennessee Trey with a handy guide on the top nine tourist spots in Indiana’s Ninth District. From Corydon to Assembly Hall, there’s a lot to offer for anyone visiting Indiana. And don’t worry, Tennessee Trey. You may not be from here, but we’ll sure show some “Hoosier Hospitality” during your visit.

1. Nashville, Indiana – Yes, Trey. Indiana has a Nashville too. This one is a top tourist hotspot and is near the Brown County State Park.

2. Assembly Hall – Home of one of the nation’s blue blood college basketball programs, the Indiana Hoosiers.

3. Marengo Cave – Discovered in 1883, this cave was named a National Natural Landmark in 1984.

4. French Lick, Indiana. The childhood home of basketball legend Larry Bird and a premiere resort destination in the Midwest.

5. Falls of the Ohio River – Located in Clarksville, this state park has one of the largest naturally exposed fossil beds in the world.

6. Hoosier National Forest – The state’s only wilderness area protected and operated by the United States Forest Service under the U.S. Department of Agriculture.

7. Seymour, Indiana – Birthplace of rock legend John Mellencamp.

8. Corydon, Indiana – The first state capital of the State of Indiana.

9. Bill Monroe Bean Blossom Bluegrass Music Festival – The longest running continuous bluegrass festival in world.


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