, Website Catalogs How Todd Young Says One Thing in Indiana, Does Another in Washington



Todd Young mocks MAGA Republicans, does nothing on immigration, spends like a drunken sailor, and turns his back on Hoosier veterans

INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Democratic Party, the organization that advocates for the future of Indiana and its families, today announced the launch of – the website where Hoosiers can learn about how Todd Young says one thing to voters in Indiana but does another while in Washington, D.C. 


Todd Young defends MAGA Republicans in Indiana, but said they are “nutty” and have “anger and resentment” in Washington. 

Todd Young touts being a Marine in Indiana, but voted “NO” on providing life-saving health care for our nation’s veterans in Washington. 

Todd Young campaigns on immigration in Indiana, but did *nothing* on the issue since going to Washington. 

Todd Young criticizes “socialist spending” in Indiana, but added more than $16 trillion to the national debt in Washington. 

“Todd Young says one thing in Indiana, but does something completely different when he’s in Washington, D.C. In his 12 years in Washington, Young has added $16 trillion to the national debt, failed to do anything on immigration, and turned his back on Hoosier veterans. The Senator even makes fun of the MAGA Republicans who elected him in 2016. He can’t be trusted by Hoosiers,” said Mike Schmuhl, Chairman of the Indiana Democratic Party. “Todd Young is the two-faced politician Hoosiers loathe the most. It’s time to send a fighter to Washington who’ll put Indiana’s future – not partisan BS – first. That fighter is Tom McDermott, who supports our vets, tells it like it is, would protect Social Security and Medicare, would work to lower costs for families and workers, and will always stand up for a woman’s right to choose.” is the third website from the Indiana Democratic Party for the 2022 election year. Along with and, Democrats are highlighting the Indiana GOP’s extremist agenda directly with Hoosiers. This includes Todd Young and Jennifer-Ruth Green’s agenda to pass a nationwide abortion ban and Diego Morales’s plans to gut Indiana’s early voting laws. Voters are learning this from their research: Republicans are putting their extremist agenda – not Indiana’s future – first. 

To learn more about Todd Young’s two-faced record, go to


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