‘Uber’ Holcomb vanishes as hate crimes bill watered down


INDIANAPOLIS – First-term Governor Eric Holcomb made passing a bias crimes initiative a pillar of his legislative agenda. In January, Holcomb carved out a serious position for himself in the hate crimes debate, claiming he would play an ‘uber’ role in lobbying the legislature. On Tuesday, members of his own party gutted a Senate proposal that included specific protections for gender identity and sexual orientation –language Holcomb backed. Did Holcomb whisk Republicans off the Senate floor in an attempt to sway their vote? Indiana Democratic Party Chairman John Zody blasted Holcomb for looking outgunned and unable to influence the direction of the party he leads.

“Leaders find a way to bridge the divide and get things done. Holcomb’s leadership on hate crimes looks more like a disappearing act,” said Zody. “When he was needed most, Holcomb either lacked the influence in his own Party to get this over the goal line or vanished. Either way, Holcomb looks like a lightweight, unable to get the job done. Indiana Democrats will continue to fight until every Hoosier is protected safely and equally under Indiana law.”


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