Uh Oh! Members of Gov. Pence’s Own Party Acknowledge HIP 2.0 is Made Possible by the Affordable Care Act


Rep. Ed Clere speaks against codifying HIP 2.0, a move intended to make the program permanent to Indiana law

INDIANAPOLIS – Mike Pence has a problem. His own party is finally acknowledging that his Healthy Indiana Plan 2.0 wouldn’t be possible if it weren’t for the Affordable Care Act.

“If Mike Pence can’t even steer members of his own party away from the fact that the Affordable Care Act pays for HIP 2.0, then what makes him think Hoosiers will buy into him talking from both sides of his mouth?” said Drew Anderson, communications director. “Members of Pence’s own party can admit this fact, so why can’t Governor Pence? This is just Mike Pence putting his out-of-touch agenda ahead of commonsense – and it’s clear his failed leadership is no longer needed in Indiana.”

SHOTMike Pence still unsure on how his HIP 2.0 is funded. Hint: The Affordable Care Act.

CHASER:  Statement by Rep. Ed Clere on HIP 2.0


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