Up in the air and out of office: Holcomb logs 55 days in foreign countries


Tops Pence’s four-year travel total in just over two years

INDIANAPOLIS – Just over two years into his first term, Governor Eric Holcomb has already amassed more international trips than his two Republican predecessors. Holcomb’s nine-day swing through Europe wrapping last week was his eighth international journey, surpassing Pence’s 42 days on seven trips over four years. Mitch Daniels traveled internationally seven times in eight years. After declaring he would be ‘hyperactive’ lobbying for a complete hate crimes law, Holcomb sidelined himself for more than a week during a critical portion of the legislative session. Indiana Democratic Party Chairman John Zody questioned Holcomb’s game plan.

“This year, Governor Holcomb has spent more time in Frankfurt, Germany than Frankfort, Indiana,” said Zody. “If Holcomb is serious about lobbying for hate crimes, he’d better start barnstorming the state tomorrow. Anything less is just an empty promise.”

Zody pointed to Daniels’ frequent use of an RV to travel the state, logging over 85,000 miles and stops in all 92 counties. Governor Holcomb has yet to apply a similar level of hustle, instead relying on press statements to convey his intent on hate crimes. It’s a head-scratching strategy, devoid of the retail politicking and in-district pressure Statehouse watchers have said is necessary to move the needle in the House.

It’s difficult to imagine a scenario where Holcomb wouldn’t testify in committee for a complete hate crimes law. Remember, Holcomb has spent more than a quarter of the legislative working days before the House committee report deadline across the Atlantic.

“Holcomb seems more interested in passport stamps than getting a complete hate crimes law past his own party,” said Zody. “Holcomb’s lazy approach on hate crimes feels next level ineffective.”

The House committee report deadline is April 9.


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