VIDEO: Shelli Yoder & Local Workers Call Out Tennessee Trey for Out-of-Touch Remarks against the Hoosier Middle-Class


INDIANAPOLIS – This afternoon, Shelli Yoder and Indiana AFL-CIO President Brett Voorhies – as well as local workers – called out Tennessee Trey Hollingsworth for his out-of-touch remarks describing the hardworking Hoosier middle-class.

In an interview with the Indiana Daily Student this week, Tennessee Trey’s Campaign said that he “understands blue collar workers because he employs them.” These remarks follow Tennessee Trey’s refusal to release his tax returns – leaving many Hoosiers wondering what he’s hiding from voters.

Click here to watch the full press conference with Shelli Yoder and Indiana AFL-CIO President Brett Voorhies.

“Tennessee Trey’s remarks disqualifiy him from being a serious candidate for Indiana’s Ninth District,” said Shelli Yoder, candidate for Indiana’s Ninth Congressional Seat. “Employing the middle class doesn’t mean you understand our values. Tennessee Trey has shown Hoosiers he will have zero empathy for the hard work and struggles we face each day. It’s time Hoosiers take a stand and protect their rights to vote for someone who will represent their values – and not someone who wants to go to Washington for their own self interests.”

“Trey Hollingsworth’s campaign is nothing more than a kid trying to buy a new toy. A concept he has grown used to growing up with privileges only the top one-percent enjoy,” said Brett Voorhies, President of Indiana’s AFL-CIO. “But us down here, the real blue collar workers, who know what it is to struggle each and every day, we understand more than anyone that we cannot afford a candidate like Tennessee Trey being elected.”


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