VIDEO: Tennessee Trey is a “Proud Hoosier” – Yet, He Won’t Pay His Property Taxes


INDIANAPOLIS – Tennessee Trey Hollingsworth is so scared Hoosiers found out he’s not from Indiana that he lied on camera about it, saying he was a “proud Hoosier”.

If that’s the case, then why did Tennessee Trey file a lawsuit to avoid paying property taxes? If he is a “proud Hoosier” then why is he avoiding paying his own fair share of the businesses he owns in the state?

Click here to watch Tennessee Trey try to claim that he’s a “proud Hoosier”.

“Carpetbagger Tennessee Trey will do anything to convince Hoosiers he’s one of them – even if it means lying to their faces,” said Drew Anderson, communications director. “If Tennessee Trey was a ‘proud Hoosier’ then he would have had no problem paying the property taxes he owed. However, Hoosiers are seeing right through his approach on using D.C. talking points and dark money to buy the seat in Congress. Hoosiers want someone who understands the issues that matter to them, and that person is not Tennessee Trey Hollingsworth.”


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