VIDEO: What Hoosier Republicans Think of Tennessee Trey Hollingsworth


As Trey reuses his own primary footage in a campaign ad, Indiana Dems release highlight reel of what Trey’s primary opponents say about him

INDIANAPOLIS –Tennessee Trey Hollingsworth moved to Indiana just to run for the Ninth Congressional Seat. And while Tennessee Trey tries to say he’s a “proud Hoosier,” many Hoosiers aren’t buying it – even members of the Indiana Republican Party.

But don’t take our word for it. Check out this compilation video from the primary where Republicans like Attorney General Greg Zoeller, State Senator Brent Waltz, and State Senator Erin Houchin all denounced and tore apart Tennessee Trey’s attempt to pull one over on Hoosiers in this election.

This highlight reel comes out on the same day as Tennessee Trey rereleased his old campaign ad from earlier this year.

Click here to hear what Hoosier Republicans think of Tennessee Trey Hollingsworth.



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