Washington Post Moves IN-09 Race to “Lean Republican”


INDIANAPOLIS – Tennessee Trey Hollingsworth’s carpetbagging campaign continues to be trouble as The Washington Post yesterday upgraded Indiana’s Ninth District race from “Safe Republican” to “Leans Republican.”

Screenshot of the Washington Post article

This move follows a continued rejection of Hoosier voters against Tennessee Trey’s attempt to buy a seat in Congress. From Trey refusing to release his tax returns, to saying he understands Hoosiers because “he employs them,” Hoosiers are fed up with his tone-deaf campaign that does little to represent Indiana’s Ninth.

“Leave it up to Tennessee Trey to try and buy his way to Congress, but as he has learned, Hoosiers cannot be bought,” said Drew Anderson, communications director. “Tennessee Trey does not represent Hoosier values, and his carpetbagging campaign is just a distraction to hide from the fact that he’s just not honest with Hoosier voters. Tennessee Trey can take his sense of entitlement back to Tennessee – because we don’t want him representing us.”


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