WATCH: Rep. Braun stares into camera, lies directly to Hoosiers about protecting Hoosiers with pre-existing conditions


Rep. Braun backs three major proposals to strip away those protections including his own company’s plan, which does not offer protections for employees with pre-existing conditions

INDIANAPOLIS – Rep. Braun stared Hoosiers down and lied to them at Monday’s debate, saying that he’d never be for a plan that didn’t cover pre-existing conditions despite supporting multiple proposals that would destroy protections for pre-existing conditions, including a lawsuit intended to do just that.

Rep. Braun has been lying to Hoosiers about pre-existing conditions protections for much of the campaign, but he saved his most blatant lie for his biggest stage yet on Monday night. During the debate’s question about a lawsuit expressly intended to take away pre-existing conditions, Rep. Braun looked directly into the camera to lie right to Hoosiers’ faces, claiming he’d “never be for a plan that did not cover pre-existing conditions.” That’s despite the fact that Rep. Braun supports the lawsuit in question, as well as two other proposals that would have stripped away protections for 1.1 million Hoosiers with pre-existing conditions, as independent fact checkers have made clear.

Watch Rep. Braun’s direct-to-camera lie:

Additionally, his lie directly contradicts what independent fact checkers at WRTV-TV said about his own company’s health care plan just hours before the debate, which force employees with pre-existing conditions to shell out $10,000 before their insurance even takes effect.

“Rep. Braun cannot square his hypocritical position on protections for pre-existing conditions – so instead of changing his position, he simply doubles down on his lie,” said Michael Feldman, spokesman for the Indiana Democratic Party. “Monday’s debate showed the true Rep. Braun: a man who’d rather look Hoosiers in the face and lie about his record than represent them.”


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