Week Three: Six Counties to Continue INDems’ American Rescue Plan Tour Across Indiana


Joe Donnelly, John Gregg, Jill Long Thompson, Christina Hale, Eddie Melton, Robin Shackleford, Mike Andrade, and Earl Harris, Jr. among headliners for second week of Rescue Plan Tour

RSVP Information: Please email [email protected] or call 765-432-3231

INDIANAPOLIS – This week, the Indiana Democratic Party will continue its American Rescue Plan Tour, a statewide campaign to help deliver the good news about President Joe Biden’s COVID-19 relief package and how it’s helping all of Indiana’s 92 counties and its communities put the pandemic firmly in the rearview mirror. More than six counties will also share with Hoosiers how not one Indiana Republican elected official voted to support the Rescue Plan despite the law delivering $5.8 billion in relief to the state, Indiana’s schools receiving $2 billion in aid, and more than $250 million being used to expand broadband internet access across Indiana. 

“The Indiana Democratic Party is delivering for Indiana and for Hoosiers in every one of the state’s 92 counties, regardless of voting history or current political persuasion. We’re showing up and getting to work on behalf of every family and community because solutions matter so much more than tired partisan games,” said Mike Schmuhl, Chairman of the Indiana Democratic Party. “President Joe Biden’s American Rescue Plan is helping Indiana and its families rebuild from COVID-19, and Democrats are ready to push back against Republican misinformation and detail why the right partnerships between our federal and state governments can deliver major successes for Indiana’s future. This is what the American Rescue Plan is doing for the Hoosier State.”

The American Rescue Plan Tour will specify just how the Rescue Plan is providing a direct contribution to all of Indiana’s 92 counties – including this week’s tour stops. Hoosiers can check out the Indiana Democratic Party’s “American Rescue Plan: How It Benefits You” website where voters can find out how the law is helping their families put COVID-19 in the rearview mirror. 

This week’s tour stops are below. Please contact Drew Anderson ([email protected]) for more details or to RSVP for an event this week:

June 15

County: St. Joseph 

Speaker: Joe Donnelly, former U.S. Senator 

Mike Schmuhl, Indiana Democratic Party Chairman

David Niezgodski, State Senator – District 10

Maureen Bauer, State Representative – District 6

County: Kosciusko 

Speaker: Jill Long Thompson, former U.S. Congresswoman – Indiana District 4

Eddie Melton, State Senator – District 3

June 17

County: Monroe

Speaker: Shelli Yoder, State Senator – District 40

Robin Shackleford, State Representative – District 98

June 18

County: Ripley 

Speaker: Mike Schmuhl, Indiana Democratic Party Chairman

Kent Yeager, Indiana Democratic Party Deputy Chair – Rural Communities

Destiny Wells, Indiana Democratic Party Deputy Chair – Coalitions and Expansion

June 19

County: Clinton 

Speaker: Christina Hale, Indiana Democratic Party Deputy Chair, former State Representative – District 87

Mike Andrade, State Representative – District 12

Earl Harris, Jr., State Representative – District 2

County: Vanderburgh

Speaker: John Gregg, former Indiana House Speaker 

Ryan Hatfield, State Representative – District 77

Alex Burton, Evansville City Councilor 


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