“We’ve Got to Get Back in the Game”, New INDems Chair Mike Schmuhl Shares New, Fresh Vision for Party


INDems announce commitment to show up and compete in every city, county, small town, and community across Indiana

Democrats are focused on creating more high-wage jobs for all workers, securing healthcare for individuals without breaking the bank, and providing a good education for our children

INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Democratic Party, the organization that advocates for the future of Indiana and its families, today celebrated the start of what will be a new vision and winning strategy for both Democrats and Hoosier families. New Chairman Mike Schmuhl this week embarked on a media blitz across Indiana to share a common-sense message with Hoosiers: The Democrats are back, we’re ready to deliver for families, and we’re ready to compete in every city and small town across Indiana. 

Indiana Democrats find success when our families find better opportunities for tomorrow. This means Democrats want to ensure Hoosiers achieve a good-paying job with benefits and protections, attain good healthcare without breaking the bank, and receive a quality public education for themselves and their families. Democrats know Hoosiers are honest, hardworking, and kind, and they deserve a balanced government that reflects those values. 

Every community is important. Every voice matters. Every vote counts. And Indiana will reach its greatest potential when we are all working together. Simply put, when Hoosiers elect Democrats, stuff gets done. Here’s a look at what Hoosiers read during Mike Schmuhl’s first week as Indiana Democratic Party Chairman: 

NPR: Mike Schmuhl Will Lead Indiana Democratic Party

“Schmuhl said 2021 is a “rebuilding year” for the state party, likening the organization to a sports team that hasn’t seen the playoffs for a while. And he doesn’t believe the state is as lopsided, politically, as it currently seems.

‘With fair and sort of balanced, competitive government, you actually get better outcomes,’ Schmuhl said. ‘You know, is Indiana a little tilted rightward the last few cycles? Yes. Is it going to stay that way forever? I don’t think so.’”

Fort Wayne Journal Gazette: New state Democratic chief hopes ‘Trump fever is breaking’

“…And now he’s ready for an even bigger challenge – taking the Indiana Democratic Party to the next level.

‘I think we’ve had a few tough cycles, tough years, but I am up to the challenge,’ Schmuhl said. ‘I took this job because I think our state and our party are really at a crossroads. I don’t think our government should be tilted so far to one side for so long.’” […]

“Schmuhl said the last two cycle have been impacted by a big Trump effect in Indiana and ‘I think and hope that Trump fever is breaking.’”

Howey Politics: Schmuhl takes reins of INDems as party seeks new relevancy

“Indiana Democrats have had attorneys, former congressional and gubernatorial operatives installed as chairs, but none like Schmuhl’s unique pedigree.”

Importantville: How Mike Schmuhl wants to rebuild the Indiana Democratic Party

“If anyone can rebuild the Indiana Democrats, it’s Schmuhl.” 

New Albany News & Tribune: With GOP controlling state, new Indiana Democratic Party chair ready to rebuild

IndyStar: New Indiana Democratic chairman talks 2022 Senate race, Buttigieg, party comeback 

WIBC: “[Schmuhl] says Democrats need to be more visible at the local level, and build their bench of future candidates through victories in local races. And Schmuhl says he’ll work to increase the state party’s manpower, and create more unified messaging across local and district parties and House and Senate Democrats.”


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