What are Your Ideas for Indiana’s Economy, Eric Holcomb?


INDIANAPOLIS – Eric Holcomb has said he is “quite proud” of Mike Pence’s record as governor, and that they are “one mind” when it comes to the issues facing Indiana. However, those plans come from Governor Pence. What are Eric Holcomb’s own ideas for Indiana’s economy?

Per capita income for Hoosiers has fallen from 33rd to 38th in the nation. Indiana’s economic growth has lagged behind the national average, and by passing out-of-touch laws like RFRA, the state has damaged its welcoming reputation that’s necessary to attract and retain talent and jobs. Eric Holcomb has not just embraced Mike Pence’s failed record, but he has no ideas and has given the thumbs up to the weak economy and unwelcoming reputation that exists today.

“RFRA wasn’t the only reason why Hoosiers were fed up with Mike Pence. They are tired of seeing their state economy sputter while they continue to earn less than their neighbors in the Midwest,” said John Zody, Chairman. “Mike Pence, Eric Holcomb, and Statehouse Republicans have only been worried about the number jobs – not the quality or wages of the jobs. Instead, Hoosiers want to see an all-around approach toward building a competitive economy that’s welcoming to all. John Gregg shares this vision and will make it a priority from day one as Indiana’s next governor.”

John Gregg understands what it will take to get Indiana’s economy back on track. Gregg announcedhis economic proposal recently, which brings a comprehensive approach to solving today’s problems. His plan aims at building and retaining a skilled Hoosier workforce, growing Indiana’s small businesses and startups, support existing Hoosier businesses, and restoring and rebuilding the state’s welcoming reputation. Gregg’s economic plan will help solve today’s problems for our workforce while also leading Indiana into the future.

What is Holcomb’s vision for Indiana? With 85 days until Election Day, Hoosiers still have yet to find out.



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