What are Your Ideas for Indiana’s Infrastructure, Eric Holcomb?



INDIANAPOLIS – Eric Holcomb has said he is “quite proud” of Mike Pence’s record as governor, and that they are on the same page when it comes to the issues facing Indiana. However, those plans come from Governor Pence.

What are Eric Holcomb’s own ideas for Indiana’s infrastructure? Holcomb’s running mate, Suzanne Crouch, in last week’s Lieutenant Governor Debate at the Indiana State Fair spoke in generalities and provided only scant details of any possible plans to improve the state’s crumbling infrastructure system. But that’s all we know.

“RFRA wasn’t the only reason why Hoosiers were fed up with Mike Pence. They are tired of seeing their state’s infrastructure literally crumble before their very eyes,” said John Zody, Chairman. “Mike Pence, Eric Holcomb, and Statehouse Republicans have only been worried about short-term, election year solutions to put a bandage on the problem. Hoosiers want long-term solutions. John Gregg shares this vision and will make it a priority as Indiana’s next governor.”

It took a near I-65 bridge collapse, $71 million in faulty asphalt, and more than 1,900 structurally deficient bridges – not to mention another public relations crisis – for Mike Pence to act. But his late-to-the-game, short-term plan did its damage as Indiana’s “Crossroads of America” reputation was put in jeopardy. Eric Holcomb has not just embraced Mike Pence’s failed record, but he has no ideas and has given the thumbs up to the state’s crumbling infrastructure.

John Gregg understands what it will take to restore Indiana’s “Crossroads of America” reputation. This year, Gregg announced his infrastructure proposal, which aims at reinvesting in Indiana’s roads, highways, and bridges, returning control and resources back to local communities, and addressing the state’s long-term water needs. Gregg’s infrastructure plan will help solve today’s problems while also leading Indiana into the future.

What is Holcomb’s vision for Indiana’s infrastructure? With 82 days until Election Day, Hoosiers still have yet to find out.


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