What Hoosiers Saw with “Pence-Holcomb Detour Tour” across Indiana


INDIANAPOLIS – Last week, Hoosiers heard how Eric Holcomb is “quite proud” of Mike Pence and simply wants to continue the same failed political agenda that has Indiana falling behind the rest of the nation.

The “Pence-Holcomb Detour Tour” spanned from Evansville to Fort Wayne as Hoosier Democrats described how in just four years, Hoosier wages have fallen, our education system has been politicized, and the state’s infrastructure system has crumbled before our eyes. All this while Mike Pence and Eric Holcomb have prioritized a social agenda that discriminates against LGBT Hoosiers, jeopardizes women’s health, and puts Indiana’s “Hoosier Hospitality” reputation at risk.

Hoosiers want to go in a new direction, and that way wouldn’t include more of the same with Eric Holcomb.

Evansville’s WEVV and Fort Wayne’s 21 Alive cover the “Pence-Holcomb Detour Tour.”

NWI Times: “Democrats say Indiana can do better than Holcomb”

“House Democratic Leader Scott Pelath, D-Michigan City, is warning Hoosiers that electing Republican Eric Holcomb governor only will continue the state’s current ‘old-fashioned’ and ‘backwards-thinking’ administration. […]

The nine-term Region lawmaker was part of a Democratic crew traveling Indiana this week on a “Pence-Holcomb Detour” tour attempting to link the state’s recently appointed and largely unknown lieutenant governor with his deeply unpopular benefactor, Gov. Mike Pence.

Pelath said Holcomb is among those in the GOP-dominated Statehouse who seek to pit Hoosiers against each other and ‘intentionally keep a downward pressure on wages.’”

Tristate Homepage: “’Zody said Governor Mike Pence and Lt. Governor Eric Holcomb have taken Indiana in the “wrong direction over the last four years.’ Among the talking points, Zody said Pence ignored infrastructure and attacked his record on everything from education to income.’”


Indy Star: “A few hours before Pence took the stage in Fort Wayne, the Indiana Democratic Party gathered to criticize the path that he and Holcomb have put Indiana on.

Fort Wayne Journal Gazette: “But Indiana Democratic Party Chairman John Zody said Thursday in Fort Wayne that Hoosiers have regressed financially compared to the rest of the nation during the Republican administration of Gov. Mike Pence, the GOP candidate for vice president.” […]

Giving examples along the way, Zody and state Rep. Phil GiaQuinta, D-Fort Wayne, contended that Pence administration policies have been bad for workers, schools, infrastructure, public health and the gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender community.

WISH-TV: “But support from Pence does not guarantee success. Here in Indianapolis, Democrats still believe Pence will hurt Eric Holcomb.

‘The Pence-Holcomb administration has steered Indiana on a detour,’ said State Democratic Chairman John Zody, ‘a direction Hoosiers want to move away from as soon as possible.’”


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