Where does the buck stop on testing scarcity failure?


Holcomb admin. acknowledges all neighboring states are testing more

INDIANAPOLIS – On Monday, the Holcomb administration admitted that every neighboring state was performing more tests per 100,000 than Indiana.

On Wednesday, the administration confessed to running tests in just 200 of the state’s 700+ long-term care facilities, where they admitted the risk was acute to older Hoosiers. Today, daily tests recorded dropped for the third straight day.

The governor alluded to “pouring it on” when it came to marshaling resources but clearly the rhetoric isn’t matching the results when Kentucky is testing more per capita. Indiana Democratic Party Executive Director Lauren Ganapini had two simple questions for the governor.

“Is Eric Holcomb satisfied with the level of testing, and if he’s not, who’s responsible for failing to test as extensively as neighboring states?” asked Ganapini. “This administration can print t-shirts faster than it can procure tests. Leaders acknowledge when the gameplan isn’t working and adjust. It starts with admitting it’s not working.”


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