Where’s Eric Holcomb, the Trump Campaign’s Chair for Indiana, on the GOP’s “Protest Vote”?


Governor Holcomb has remained silent since Senator Braun and other INGOP’ers prepare to issue their “protest vote” against American Democracy and the U.S. Constitution 

Holcomb’s silence illustrates how afraid he’s become to cross President Trump and his loyal fan base, deepening the rift in the INGOP civil war 

INDIANAPOLIS – The Indiana Democratic Party, the organization that advocates for the future of Indiana and its families, today called out Governor Eric Holcomb for his silence on the Indiana Republican Party’s upcoming “protest vote” against the U.S. Constitution and American Democracy. It’s stunning silence considering the fact that Governor Holcomb was the Chair for the Trump Campaign’s operation in Indiana. 

Eric Holcomb’s silence shows a lack of political courage and is a quiet endorsement of the Indiana Republican Party’s so-called “protest vote” against the U.S. Constitution and American Democracy. 

However, Hoosiers should expect this political posturing coming from their governor. During the 2020 election year, Holcomb repeatedly refused to step out of bounds with President Trump and Vice President Mike Pence on nearly every issue over the last year. And the one instance where he legitimately outflanked the Trump Administration, Holcomb was burned at the stake by the President’s supporters — opening the door for a prominent third-party challenger. 

WHY IT MATTERS: Like U.S. Senator Todd Young, Governor Eric Holcomb’s repeated silence on issues vital to American Democracy illustrates how afraid establishment Republicans are to cross President Trump and his loyal fan base. By doing so, Trump would jeopardize their electoral future. This is why once the President is out of office, the Indiana Republican Party will find itself in a civil war. 

While it’s obvious to many why even establishment Republicans have remained silent during this unprecedented moment for the nation, the Indiana Democratic Party asks the media to call on Governor Eric Holcomb to take a stand and put the country before his political party — a move other Hoosier Republicans don’t have the political courage to do. 


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