Who Is Eric Holcomb?


INDIANAPOLIS – On the first week of Eric Holcomb’s third political campaign of 2016, Hoosiers are beginning their research on the GOP nominee. Well, the Indiana Democratic Party thought we could speed up the process by providing some highlights of Holcomb’s record.

Simply put, Holcomb would say and do anything to support out-of-touch candidates and issues. But don’t take our word for it. Holcomb’s paper trail stretches far and wide in the history of Hoosier politics.


Holcomb’s Record

LGBT Rights

Holcomb on Mike Pence’s record on LGBT rights – “I think the governor struck the right tone in his State of the State address,” Holcomb said. [Indianapolis Star, 2.9.16]

Women’s Rights

As Lieutenant Governor, Eric Holcomb watched as Gov. Mike Pence signed one of the most restrictive women’s health laws in the nation. [Indianapolis Star, 3.25.16]

Richard Mourdock

After 2012 Senate Candidate Richard Mourdock said “God Intended” Rape, Holcomb stood by his man, and said “full steam ahead.” [Portland Press Herald, 24 October 2012].

Negative Campaigning

Holcomb Ad Used Inflammatory Accusation That Opponent John Frenz Supported Taxpayer Money To Study Pornography, Bestiality And Pedophilia Citing Budget Vote.  [Indianapolis Star, 11/8/00]

Questionable Ethics

Democratic Candidate For Sheriff Steve Bell Accused Daniels Administration Official David Thomas Of Offering Him A Seat On The Indiana Parole Board, At Holcomb’s Request, If Bell Dropped His Political Plans. [Indianapolis Star, 3/8/06]

Thomas Admitted He Discussed The Parole Board Job With Bell And Told Him To Contact Holcomb If Interested. [Indianapolis Star, 3/8/06]


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