#WhoIsEricHolcomb? A Man Against His Boss – Mike Pence


INDIANAPOLIS – One day after Mike Pence kicked out Sue Ellspermann as lieutenant governor – who does he replace her with? Eric Holcomb, a direct clone and in complete lock-step with the governor.

However, much like Sue Ellspermann, Holcomb has a history of disagreeing with Mike Pence. Since the governor wants a “yes man” as his second-in-command – how long will this relationship last?

Mike Pence


Pence Regarding A Possible Federal Government Shutdown In 2011: “I Say, Shut It Down.” [ABC News, 4/11/11]

Holcomb Was Against Government Shutdown Over Defunding Planned Parenthood, Saying There Were Other Ways To Defund. [Howey Politics, 9/15/15]

Pence: “Negative Campaigning, I Now Know, Is Wrong.” [Milke Pence, Indiana Policy Review, 1991]

Holcomb Ad Used Inflammatory Accusation That Opponent John Frenz Used Taxpayer Money To Study Pornography, Bestiality And Pedophilia.  [Indianapolis Star, 11/8/00]

Howey Politics: “Gov. Mike Pence Signed [The Religious Freedom Restoration Act] Into Law In A Hurried, Private Ceremony, Then Watched The Story Explode Not Only Nationally, But Across Our State.” [Brian Howey, Howey Politics, 4/3/15]

Friendly PAC Would Raise Funds For TV Ads And Point Out Holcomb’s Positions On Not Shutting Down Government, Support Of LGBT Community, And Less Extreme Immigration Policy.  [Indianapolis Star, 11/9/15


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