#WhoIsEricHolcomb? A Man Who Abandoned the Auto Industry



INDIANAPOLIS – One day after Mike Pence kicked out Sue Ellspermann as lieutenant governor – and who replaces her? Eric Holcomb, a partisan hack who abandoned the auto industry when many Hoosier workers needed him – and others – the most.

Holcomb Defended Richard Mourdock’s Law Suit Against The Auto Rescue, Said Suit Was “About Standing Up For The Rule Of Law.”“Eric Holcomb, Chairman of the Indiana Republican Party commented, ‘This was about standing up for the rule of law and having the character to do so. As Governor Daniels has said in interviews and in his book, Richard Mourdock showed us what real leadership looks like. It is typical form for Senator Harry Reid and Congressman Joe Donnelly to mislead voters, as they are desperate to run from their own failed bailouts.” [Mourdock Campaign Release, 10/2/12]

However, this falls directly in line with his new boss, Governor Mike Pence, who famously opposed the bailout to save thousands of jobs, including many in Indiana.

Pence On Auto Industry Bailout Bill: “And I opposed and support the Senate’s decision to oppose this $14 billion that would go to Detroit” Pence appeared on Larry King Live to discuss the auto industry bailout bill, and said, “Well, Larry, there is no question I was in Indiana much of today, talking with automotive suppliers. We had a long tradition in the automotive business in the Hoosier State. There is a very real crisis. Congress is right to act. The president is right to act. But the American people know we can’t borrow and spend and bail our way back to a healthy automotive industry any more than a healthy economy. I heard a bit of Ben’s comments. And Charlie’s, of course. But, you know, I strongly opposed the $700 billion bailout. Thought it was wrong to take bad decisions on Wall Street and transfer them to Main Street. And I opposed and support the Senate’s decision to oppose this $14 billion that would go to Detroit without creating the circumstances under which those companies could legally reorganize their business plan. And it did nothing to deal with the credit crisis that will be ongoing in 2009.” [Larry King Live, CNN, 12/12/08]


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