#WhoIsEricHolcomb? A Say and Do Anything Political Hack


Indy Star: In Holcomb, Pence gains “an experienced attack dog”

INDIANAPOLIS – One day after Mike Pence kicked out Sue Ellspermann as lieutenant governor – who does he replace her with? Eric Holcomb, a political hack who would say and do literally anything to support out-of-touch candidates and issues.

But don’t take our word for it. When it comes to Eric Holcomb and his paper trail of backroom, behind-closed-door dealings, it stretches far and wide in the history of Hoosier politics.

Issue #WhoIsEricHolcomb
LGBT Rights


SHOT: Friendly PAC Would Raise Funds For TV Ads And Point Out Holcomb’s Positions On Not Shutting Down Government, Support Of LGBT Community, And Less Extreme Immigration Policy. [Indianapolis Star, 11/9/15]

CHASER: Holcomb flip-flopped when he said he agreed with Pence’s message on LGBT rights – “I think the governor struck the right tone in his State of the State address,” Holcomb said. [Indianapolis Star, 2.9.16]

Richard Mourdock After 2012 Senate Candidate Richard Mourdock said “God Intended” Rape, Holcomb stood by his man, and said “full steam ahead.” [Portland Press Herald, 24 October 2012].
Negative Campaigning SHOT: Holcomb said candidates should “refuse to go negative.” [“Leading the Revolution” p 127]

CHASER: Holcomb Ad Used Inflammatory Accusation That Opponent John Frenz Supported Taxpayer Money To Study Pornography, Bestiality And Pedophilia Citing Budget Vote.  [Indianapolis Star, 11/8/00]

Questionable Ethics Democratic Candidate For Sheriff Steve Bell Accused Daniels Administration Official David Thomas Of Offering Him A Seat On The Indiana Parole Board, At Holcomb’s Request, If Bell Dropped His Political Plans. [Indianapolis Star, 3/8/06]

Thomas Admitted He Discussed The Parole Board Job With Bell And Told Him To Contact Holcomb If Interested. [Indianapolis Star, 3/8/06]

Courting Donors for Daniels’ Presidential Run Holcomb arranged dinners at Governor’s Residence for Daniels to entertain potential presidential campaign donors. [

Indianapolis Star, 14 September 2010]


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