Will Eric Holcomb Continue with Mike Pence’s Failed Record on Education?


INDIANAPOLIS – Apparently it’s “Education Week” for the Holcomb Campaign, and it’s worth asking – will Eric Holcomb continue with Mike Pence’s attacks on public education? If he does, Holcomb would remain “quite proud” of Pence’s ideological agenda that has worked to dismantle education as we know it for the state.

By staying the course with the Pence agenda, Eric Holcomb will continue denying Indiana a statewide Pre-K system, disrespect teachers and force them to continue to teach to the test, slash dollars for the schools that need our help the most, and put politics ahead of the best interests of our kids – all while providing scant details about his actual policy ideas.

“Mike Pence and his political agenda have tried to set our schools and kids behind the rest of the nation,” said John Zody, Chairman. “Eric Holcomb will remain ‘quite proud’ of Mike Pence’s record on education if he doesn’t denounce the governor’s failed record. This includes Pence’s refusal to create a statewide Pre-K system and signing a state budget that wasn’t transparent with Hoosiers about where our education dollars are actually spent.”

But don’t take our word for it. Take a look at Mike Pence’s education policies that have crippled the state over the last four years.

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