Will Mike Braun Again Help Tommy Tuberville Block Military Confirmations With Israel Under Attack?


INDIANAPOLIS– With America’s closest ally in the Middle East under attack, will Mike Braun once again pick Tommy Tuberville over our national security?

Tuberville’s political stunt blocking essential military personnel from being confirmed by the United States Senate has caused uncertainty with over 300 nominations, including top officer positions necessary for our nation’s defense. Now, Tuberville is continuing his blockade during the brutal Hamas attacks on Israel.

Last month Senate Democrats sidestepped Tuberville’s stunt for the good of the nation and confirmed General C.Q. Brown as chair of the Joint Chiefs of Staff. Eleven Republicans decided to play politics and vote against General Brown, a decorated military hero. One of them was Mike Braun.

When courageous, dedicated service members were counting on him to do the right thing to protect our nation, Braun turned his back on them and decided to further his own personal agenda. By voting against Gen. Brown’s confirmation, Braun signified he’d rather risk our national security than losing his chance to earn political points.  

“Sen. Braun is enabling Tommy Tuberville’s reckless stunts that endanger America’s military readiness at home and abroad. We stand with Israel in this critical moment; there is no time for division that makes our national security weaker. Less than a month ago, Braun and Tuberville tried to keep the Joint Chiefs of Staff Chairman role vacant. Decorated, deserving nominees who have dedicated their lives to our nation are being held up because of political games, even with our strongest ally in the Middle East at war. In this critical moment, government leaders have an obligation to stand up for national security and protect the troops,” said Indiana Democratic Party Chair Mike Schmuhl. “With the recent tragic and horrific attacks on Israel by Hamas and escalated tensions across the globe, the United States military must be able to operate at its full capacity and potential. Braun and all Senate Republicans must tell Tuberville to end the careless games immediately, and allow our military to be as strong and capable as possible.”

Senator Braun has a choice to make. He can continue to participate in Washington political games that endanger Hoosiers and the United States, or he can do the right thing and back the heroes who put their lives on the line for the sake of our nation, and support our ally. It’s not a difficult choice.”


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