With a Back Room Deal, Holcomb Will Continue Out-of-Touch Ideology He Helped Usher Into G


Drew Anderson, communications director for the Indiana Democratic Party, issued the following statement after Mike Pence pushed for a back room deal to name Eric Holcomb as his choice for Lieutenant Governor:

“It took a back room deal to help bring in the same man who played ‘bad cop’ for his 2012 campaign, a move showing Mike Pence is running scared by once again putting his ideology ahead of the everyday Hoosier. With Eric Holcomb, Hoosiers should expect nothing new but the same ideals that put Indiana’s ‘Hoosier Hospitality’ reputation in jeopardy. As Chair for the state’s GOP, Holcomb supported ideologues like Richard Mourdock and fanned the fire for extreme ideas and division in our state. These are qualifications that might work with political insiders, but not for someone running to be our Lieutenant Governor. Mike Pence’s latest move only seeks to drive a partisan wedge that will cause Indiana to continue falling behind the rest of the nation. Hoosiers deserve better.”


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